Metrics Collection

We would like your help with improving the quality and performance of Shortcat. Since v0.7.3, Shortcat by default will send anonymous performance data to our own metrics collection service. This data is extremely useful and will let us know if the improvements are working at scale.

Enabling/disabling metrics collection

  • Open the preferences by either:
    • Activating Shortcat, and then Cmd+,, or
    • via the menu bar icon
  • Go to Advanced
  • Check or uncheck the Metrics Collection check box
  • Restart Shortcat for changes to take effect

The data will be sent over a secure connection at regular intervals, and none of the data sent can identify you personally.

The types of data that Shortcat sends include:

  • Performance timings
  • Scoring algorithm performance
  • Enumeration performance
  • Cursor movement saved
  • Shortcat version details
  • Memory usage

Shortcat does NOT send:

  • Any text you input
  • Any text contained in any element

If you have any questions about the metrics, please contact us!